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Bible Studies For Life has switched their lessons to a different format starting with the Fall quarter.  My class is using the "Senior Adults" Bible Studies for Life Lessons with the Scripture text from HCSB.  Each lesson asks 5 questions that I have included in each lesson plan.  Our new lesson study themes have switched from monthly themes to themes that have 6 lessons within each theme.  Each quarter contains 13 lessons, 6 for each theme and one lesson with its own theme.

Study Theme:  "Overcome:  Living Beyond Your Circumstances"

November 16, 2014:  "Overcome Bitterness"

November 23, 2014:  "Overcome an Earthly Mindset"

November 30, 2014:  "Ministry in the Face of Mental Illness

Study Theme:  Storm Shelter: Psalms of God's Embrace

December 7, 2014:  "The Shelter of God's Presence

December 14, 2014:  "The Shelter of God's Salvation

December 21, 2014:  "The Shelter of God's Forgiveness"

Alternate Christmas Lesson:
December 21, 2014:  "Making Plans for Christmas"

December 28, 2014:  "The Shelter of God's Encouragement"

January 4, 2015:  "The Shelter of God's Peace"

January 11, 2015:  "The Shelter of God's Protection"

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