Welcome to my Bible Studies For Life Sunday School Lesson Plans website. 

I created this website to post my weekly Sunday School lesson plans.  My church uses the Lifeway "Bible Studies For Life" Sunday School lesson curriculum.  My name is Ronnie Hilliard, and I teach a senior adult Sunday School class.  My church is a Southern Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina.  Hopefully you will find these lesson plans useful especially if you are an assistant teacher and you receive that last minute call that you need to teach a lesson you have not had time to prepare for.

I want to thank Dr. Steve Armstrong for inspiring me to continue with his tradition of making my Sunday School Lesson plans available to anyone who wishes to use them.  I am a frequent visitor to Dr. Armstrong's website, and continue to use his archives as I study my weekly Sunday School lessons.      

 Dr. Armstrong's website:  http://www.letu.edu/people/stevearmstrong/SundaySchool/sunday_school_lessons.htm

I use a variety of study resources in my weekly lesson plans.  I hope that you find these lesson plans useful as you serve our Lord as you teach your class each week.

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